Thursday, 10 January 2013

My self introduction by Ryo

I'm Ryo S.

I'm from Akita. I'm a second year student. I'm a no good at English, but I will make a great effort.

I have a sister, and I'm the oldest in the family. she was fifteen years old last may.

I'm a good at getting up early morning. so I will not be late for school, but it is hard for me to hear English. So it is difficult to understand the class contents. I want to be good friends with this subject.

I like tennis. I'm on the tennis team, and I play tennis on this team four day in a week. At age 16 I took up a tennis. I like many sports as well as tennis.

I'm major at library science. This course of study is analyze library's possibility and so interesting and fantastic field. Library has too many books to cover all the facts and comprehensive of all facts. The wok to arrange is very difficult. we are learning its way.

 I was born and brought up in Yuzawa city. I lived in the yuzawa until I moved tsukuba. Yuzawa has many beautiful sightseeing point for example,  dog festival. Dog festival is that snow statues of dog displayed  in a road. Many people come here.

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