Thursday, 10 January 2013

My self introduction by Yuriko

Hello! My name is Yuriko Honda. I am a student of the University of Tsukuba and a sophomore. I am in the College of Agrobiological Resource Sciences. I am interested in the development of crops and I want to be a researcher in the future. I am from Tochigi prefecture, which is the neighboring prefecture of Ibaraki prefecture. Now, I live by myself.
My hobby is playing tennis and I am member of the tennis circle. I play tennis four days a week. There are 5 tennis circles in the University of Tsukuba. The name of tennis circle that I belong to is "Forest". We mainly play tennis at Ichinoya tennis court, which is north of University of Tsukuba and is surrounded by many trees. I often play tennis in the morning and in my free time. It is held the athletic meet by which we decide the winning team from among the 5 tennis circles. Our team became a champion in this summer and we want to win our second consecutive title.
Next, I like English. I began studying English when I was a junior high school student so I have studied it for about 7 years. I have EIKEN 2. I can read and write English as much as anyone else, but I am not good at listening and speaking English. I want to communicate with people in English.


  1. Hi,Yuriko. My name is Kenta.I also belong to tennis circle. Let's talk with you about t

  2. Hi, Yuriko.
    You have a clear vision in the future!! Great!!
    I'm also interested in crops.
    Where in Tochigi did you come from? Is it a agricultural place?


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