Thursday, 10 January 2013

My self introduction by Ai

My name is Ai. I belong to the College of Agricultural Resource Science. I study mainly chemistry and biology. In the future, I want to be a researcher to settle environmental problems.  I'm interested in microorganisms in particular. They have various faculties that can be made good use for human living. I want to discover new microorganism and its faculty.

My home town is Konosu, Saitama. Konosu is a city near Kumagaya city. Do you know Kumagaya? Kumagaya is the hottest town in Japan. In summer 2007, the temperature reached to 40.7. As there is so hot, shaved-ice called "Yuki-Kuma" is popular. Kounosu means the nest of stork. The legend of stork is handed down. The special product of Konosu is Hina-Dall. There is a the highest Hina-Dan. Please come to see No.1 Hina-Dan at Hina-festival.

My hobbies are sports and reading. I like volleyball very much. I have continued volleyball for four years. I play volleyball three times a week. My position is libero. I want to be a good receiver.
  I have studied English for eight years. I can almost read and understand English, but I'm not good at writing and speaking.  I have never gone to foreign country. If  I become a good English speaker, I want to go many countries and make foreign friends. For realize my hope, I'm going to study English everyday.

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  1. Hi! Ai.
    Your dream is very nice.
    Keep it up!

    I also like volleyball too.
    Do you belong to some kind of clubs?


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