Tuesday, 29 January 2013

My life at the University of Tsukuba by Ryosuke M.

A lot of students start to work a part time job after they accustom themselves to their university life, including me. I enjoy working at a part-time job. I have been a part time cram school lecturer since last winter, and I work twice a week. It is work worth doing, so it makes my university life meaningful. The motive for beginning this was to earn pin money, but I enjoy teaching my students without thinking about my salary. Just before the last high school examination I taught math to a student for 5 days. She was not very good at math. In order to improve her math score, I solved a collection of past exams in advance by myself and thought about the best way to teach her. I taught her as hard as I could. The last day I taught her, when the lesson finished she said to me “Thanks to you, I became better at math.”  After a few days, I heard that she had passed the examination and had entered a high school known as a highly ranked school. Since then I have been proud of teaching students. It is wonderful to help students in study. I am only a modest help to them, but I am glad that they get a better score.


  1. Hi Ryousuke!
    I'm Yukie.
    Your story is very emotional.
    I think your part-time job is meaningful!

    1. Hi,Yukie.
      Yes, my part-time job gives me great experience.
      Yukie, do you work at a part-time job?


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