Wednesday, 9 January 2013

My self introduction by Moe

Hi, my name is Moe Haneda.

I'm interested in environmental problems, food, plants and agriculture, so I entered The College of Agrobiological Resource Science (Seibutsusigen). To understand these more, I want to study chemistry and biology harder. I want to understand writing in English. I think it is useful for study or work in the future.

I belong to the Japanese flower arrangement club. Japanese flower arrangement is difficult for me because I can't image the completed version. I am happy to see other club member's works and I like flowers.

I'm like to read books. I read many kinds of books. Today, I like to read essays especially. When I read essays, I realize many aspects of daily life, and I want to enjoy our daily life.
I like to watch sports programs on TV. I hate to watch martial arts programs. I think it is cruel and primitive. I usually watch high school baseball, figure skate, volley ball and so on.

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  1. I think you have a lot of good hobbies :)
    I don't like to see martial arts, neither except Kendo, Karate and other arts aiming self-defence .
    Who is your favorite writer who writes essays?


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