Wednesday, 30 January 2013

My life at the University of Tsukuba by Keiko H.

My life at the University of Tsukuba is wonderful. I like the University of Tsukuba because there are many stores that we need to our daily life, and there are many department and many people. So I enjoy my campus life.There are many stores in our campus. For example, a bookstore, a post office, bakeries and dining rooms. So we can buy anything we want. I go to the bookstore when I want some technical books to use at the class, I go to the post office when I want to send a package or want to pay money into the account, and I go to bakery to have lunch. I often go to bakeries when I oversleep and I cannot make my lunch. So it is very convenient for me there are many stores in our campus. Thanks to these stores at the campus, we don’t have to go far off campus to get anything. In The University of Tsukuba, many people study and belong to clubs. There are many departments and clubs. In such surroundings, we can study our own major and other subjects. My major is nursing, but I’m interested in sports. So I take some classes at Physical Education department. These classes are interesting for me. I want to study more about and I become interested in sports medicine. Thus in this university, we can broaden our interests. Moreover I think that it is good for us to make friends with people who have another interests or thinking from their classes and clubs. I think that studying, thinking and feeling about many things benefit our future. I enjoy my campus life. I think that studying and making with friends here are wonderful. In these good surroundings I want to study hard, enjoy club activities and grow up as a good member of society.

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