Thursday, 24 January 2013

Mt life at the University of Tsukuba is the best by Hiroko

My life at the University of Tsukuba is the best. There is much nature around the university. If I walk around the university, I can see many forests, a fountain, ponds, open sky, stars and so on. They are very beautiful! They make me comfortable every day. I think it is also good that we can see the Mt. Tsukuba around the university. When I go to the university, I can meet many wonderful professors and friends. I enjoy studying because of them. The professors teach me interesting things. Friends make my school life nice. My friends help me. I think I live in a good environment. I thank them. I like wonderful professors and friends. The University has a Starbucks and the student's dining hall. I go to the Starbucks when I want to have a break. The Starbucks sells delicious coffee and food and creates a calm atmosphere. The student's dining hall sells inexpensive lunch sets. That's good. There are many research facilities. We can study many things. We can also study many things in the library. The library in the university has many books and materials. It is good that we can use the many books and materials. The university has wonderful things. So my life at the University of Tsukuba is the best.

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