Thursday, 24 January 2013

My life at University of Tsukuba by Daiki

          My life at the University of Tsukuba is great for three reasons. First,
the university has a large campus, beautiful scenery, for example; Mount
Tsukuba, libraries wounderful collection of books, book stores which
have many books, and so on. However, the best reason why my life at the
University of Tsukuba is great is the many great people who I met at the
university. There are many people at the University of Tsukuba who have some type of
opinions, personalities that I have never encountered in my life. The
situation is reminiscent Hans who is a protagonist in "Der Zauberberg".
The experience matured me. At the University of Tsukuba, I met variety
of people who had personalities of people unlike any people who I met.
So different was difficult for me. But, I think it is very worthwhile.
The more I met these very different people the more puzzled I became.
But, I think that the more my ideas are challenged the more I grow as a
person. In fact, this university was not a first choice for me when I
was a high school student. My first choice was Tohoku University
throughout my high school life. However, the many encounters at the
university, I can think positively little by little.

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