Wednesday, 30 January 2013

My life at Tsukuba by Kana

 I enjoy my life at Tsukuba. Tsukuba University is a big university, so it has many students. I could make many friends, not only nursing students but also other department students. I am a nursing student. Students of nursing are all gentle, energetic, and bright! I love all my classmates. The content of the class is difficult and I must study the various field of nursing. Though I am sometimes busy with an assignment and an examination, I must get over them to become a nurse in the future. I work part-time job now. Not only the Japanese but also people from all over the world and people with disabilities come to. I can meet with so many people. It’s a very rewarding job for me. I belong to the Tsukuba Field Hockey Club. There is training four times a week, practicing in the ground. To participate in the league in the spring and fall, I often have to go to Tokyo to play a game. My hockey team is badly short members. I hope that a lot of freshmen will join my team in April. I enjoy my life at Tsukuba very much. I’m glad to be able to make many nice friends.


  1. Hi, Kana!
    You looks very enjoy your school life:)
    I'm interested in Field Hockey. It sounds good!
    I hope your team get good result.

  2. Hello,Kana!
    My name is Miyu2.
    Your life is fantastic.
    I cheer for your dream!


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