Thursday, 24 January 2013

My daily life at University of Tsukuba by Saki

My life in University of Tsukuba is so exciting. I am going to talk about it.
First, we most students live around this university. I live alone
here, but I don't feel lonely but happy and exciting. For example I
can talk a lot with friends. I like to talk about friends, trip, club,
work or studying. I can hear their opinions and I'm glad when they
sympathize. Second, I am fond of the located place of Tsukuba. I can
go to Tokyo and return to Tsukuba in one day. I can go to Tokyo to go
shopping or tour around many art museums. When I lived in Gifu, I
can't do these things. And yet, Tsukuba is surrounded by beautiful
natural environment. Mt.Tsukuba is so beautiful. I like nature, so it
is very important for me. Third, I love professors of this university.
They are not only bright but also fumorous. They always look happy and
are enjoying with students. I like talk about forestry (I major in
forestry) with them.
As stated above, my life in Tsukuba is very happy and enjoyable.

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  1. Hello, Saki.I remember you love riding bicycle very much, have you visited somewhere away from Tsukuba these days? XD


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