Thursday, 10 January 2013

My introduction by Akari

   My name is Akari. My major is agriculture and forestry. I am interested in the forest management. I am in the two clubs, guitar-mandolin club and ARTE TOKYO mandolin orchestra. I started playing the guitar when I was junior high school student. I like playing the guitar, and club members are my best friends.
 I have a Level 2 of the English Language Proficiency Test. I have learned English since I entered junior high school. I am good at reading English, but I am bad at speaking English and writing English. This summer I joined workcamp volunteer in Hakogate, Hokkaido. At this workcamp volunteer we made rafts which purified the water, and helped the festival. Campers from France, the USA, Italy, Slovakia, Eesti Vabariik, and Thailand were very kind, so I had a good time, however, I could not have discussion, because my speaking English skill is poor, so I could not keep up with their discussions. I want to speak English well, and I hope to join the workcamp volunteer again.

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  1. Hi Akari. The workcamp in Hokkaido sounds great. Next time, try "active listening". Active listening means you ask questions. When you ask questions you can have more control of the conversation, and when you have more control of the conversation it is easier to understand. When you don't understand, say, "I don't understand". It's OK to say, "I don't understand". I hope you volunteer again. I'm sure it will be a great experience for you.


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