Thursday, 10 January 2013

My self introduction by Hitomi

My name is Hitomi. Let me tell you about myself.

I'm a sophomore in the College of Knowledge and Library Information
Science. I have been taking the librarian subject in this department.
Finally I want to be librarians in the future.

I also belong to the band stock club, and I play the electric bass and
keyboard there. Now, I have served as vice-chairman of this club. To
focus on this club activitie, I want to work with a Consciousness of
responsibility further from now on.
My hobby is listening to music and going to the live concerts. My
favorite is Rock 'n' roll, such as The Beatles and The Who and Japanese
indie artists. They are very very cool, so I admire. In addition, I love
calligraphy too.

The above is a short description of me.


  1. Hi Hitomi,
    I like Japanese indie artists too. My favourite Japanese indie artist is Detroit 7 ( Which indie bands do you like?


  2. Hello, Hitomi. I'm Nanami.
    I like the sound of the bass and I want to start to play the electric bass!
    Is it difficult to play the electric bass?


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