Wednesday, 30 January 2013

My self introduction by Misaki Hoshi

My name is Misaki Hoshi. I am a second year student of Agrobiological Resource Sciences. I am interested in food problems and environmental problems. I was admitted to the University of Tsukuba in order to learn these things. I am from Fukushima. There is a lot of nature in Fukushima. We have much show in winter. So in the winter, people can enjoy skiing and snowboarding. There are four people in my family. I have a younger sister. We get along very well. I often go shopping with her. I like shopping, so I go to Tokyo once in a while. I am in a member of the inline hockey club. This sport is new. It is difficult. We practices on Wednesday every week. My hobby is music. I like playing the piano or playing sax. However, I do not have an opportunity to play a musical instrument. If there is an opportunity, I would like to play a musical instrument very much. I am poor at English. However, I would like to get good at English. So I try my best.


  1. Hi Misaki!
    I'm Yukie.
    Your majar's name is very cool.
    I like sax too, but I can't play it.I yearn for your ability.

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  3. Hi Misaki, I'm Nanami.
    I like sax very much!
    Do you play the sax at brass band?

  4. Hi, Misaki. I'm Miharu.
    Inline hockey sounds very exciting!
    When did you start it?

  5. Hi,Misaki. I'm Eriko.
    I also like playing the piano.
    If there is an opportunity,I want to go to the mugical concert.

  6. it sounds fun to enjoy snow.
    Do you usually go skiing or snow boarding?


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