Wednesday, 30 January 2013

My life at Tsukuba university is wonderful By Kaori K.

          I really enjoy my school life, because of my friends, teachers and classes.
First of all, my friends. I belong to the department of Comparative Cultures. There are many female students in my college, so it is comfortable and fun. My friends are clever, kind and so lovely. I respect them. Also, I belong to the broadcasting circle. There are many students from various departments. For example, information science, cultural science, and engineering. I enjoy talking with them, and I get interested in new knowledge. Second, my teachers. I like the teachers in this university. I study journalism in this university. The teachers who teach journalism at this university are few. But, they are kind, reliable, and friendly. When I’m be in trouble, they always help me. Therefore, I will study harder. This is the least I can do to show my gratitude to them.Third, class. As I mentioned before, my major is journalism. However, I’m interested in many class. For instance, I’m interested in meteorology. In this university, I can study it. It’s wonderful! I take meteorology class now. It is very difficult, but interesting and exciting. I really enjoy studying. We can take various class. I think that it is good environment.Consequently, I love this university. My school life is supported by my friends, teachers and good environment. I want to enjoy my school life still more.

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