Thursday, 10 January 2013

About Me by Miho.H

My name is Miho Hatanaka. This means in English "a beautiful sail in
farm". I like this name very much. I'm from Nagano Pre. In this season,
Nagano has much snow. Tsukuba is warm and less snow so I like Tsukuba.
I'm not good at writing English. When I was high school student, I
always slept in class because class was not interesting. The grammar of
my English is a mess (for example I say "I was… I go school," so I want
to acquire the skill of writing correct English in this academic writing
class. But I like to speak English. I have some friends of G30. I like
English as a whole. By the way, I have third grade of Eiken(Test in
Practical English Proficiency).
I join a birdman circle. First, I explain about birdman. There is TV
show "The Birdman Rally" of Yomiuri TV. This is the race of man-powered
airplane. Birdman means "man who aims to fly by man power and makes
airplane". My circle member aims to join the race and have made new
airplane. I'm in charge of computer to steer an airplane and create some
programs. A task is far from my collage(biology), but very interesting.


  1. Your name is very beautiful!:)
    I think your your English skill is very good..
    It is amazing that you can create program of air plane!

  2. Hello, my name is Manami.
    I wached "The Birdman Rally" on TV last summer.
    Is it going well this year?


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