Thursday, 24 January 2013

About me by Aoi

Hello everyone .My name is Aoi. My hobby is singing, seeing the movie, reading and so on. I'm belonging to a cappella group. A cappella is to sing without instrumental accompaniment.  I practice every day. I'll have a concert  on 10 February. Many new member of my club will make  debut on this concert. So I hope that many audience will come . I also like seeing movie. I often go to theater alone: P My favorite movie is "the New Cinema  Paradaiso" , "The Phantom of the Opera", and "Moulin Rouge". These movies' music is wonderful!! I love the movie with great music. The other day, I saw "Neon Genesis EVANGELION". But its content is too difficult to understand for me. I like the movie with simple story… I want to see "LES MISERABLES" next.
That's all.


  1. Hi, Aoi.
    I'mkanae. Nice to meet to you.

    I want to watch "Les Miserables" too!
    If you know another good musical movies, please tell me.

  2. Hi,Kanae.Nice to meet you ,too.
    The other day,I saw "Les Miserables"!It was very nice.

    I want you to see "High School Musical" .This is also a wonderful movie.


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