Thursday, 10 January 2013

My self Introduction by Tomohiro

Hello. My name is Tomohiro. I am at University of Tsukuba. I major in Library Information at College of Knowledge and Library Science. I like going travel. So I’m going to talk about Recent traveling.
     Recent spring I went to Taiwan.  People in Taiwan speak Chinese, but in public spaces we can speak in English.  I can speak Chinese little, but in English I thought I could talk so so.  When I told to an information desk, I couldn't precisely explain my ideas.  So I couldn't go to my destination by bus.  Then I thought I have to study English again.  It's so hard studying English again because I became not to be able to read English sentence.  For this reason, now I would like to use English because I want to communicate with worlds’ people in English.  If possible, through this class I want to up my English skills level.


  1. Hello Tomohiro,
    I understand how you feel. When I have been to France, I wasn't able to communicate well because I have forgotten almost all the French I learned in school. In the future I want to study French again. I sometimes have trouble communicating in Japan too. I stopped studying Japanese when I went to graduate school. I really need to study Japanese again.
    By the way, I might be going to Taipei soon. Can you recommend any good places there?

    1. I think that I will study English hard!
      If you go to Taipei, you have to go to night market.
      Taipei's night market is so good place, because everything taste terrific but fermented tofu smells awful.


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