Thursday, 10 January 2013

About Me by Saki

Hi, my name is Saki H.. I would like to introduce myself.

I'm from Gifu. One of the thriving industry in Gifu is forestry, so I want to major in forestry economics of Japan. It's very unlucky for me that Tsukuba don't have rich forest.
I have never been to any foreign country. I have just studied English at junior high school, at high school and at this university. So I can read and listen to English a little, but I can't speak, talk and write well in English.
I was very good at English as a junior high school student. It was very easy for me to assemble a sentence. I just put together each word according to a rule. I was good at English a little as a high school student. I knew many words and I could get good marks in some examinations. However I am not good at speaking or writing or listening to English. I usually only "study" ,not "communicate" in English. In class I seldom speak in English because of not having confidence.
But I don't think I don't need to acquire the capability to use English. I am going to travel in France and the surrounding countries in this spring vacation. I will have to use English to ask people many things. I want to get confidence to speak English by this experience. Someone said ”The most effective method to speak a language well is to use the language”.

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  1. Hi Saki,

    I am a Turkish student studying in the United Kingdom.

    I have read about your blog post which I find interesting as I have been through similar stages of language learning. I had a good motivation to learn English in the later years of the high school, I really wanted to connect to other people from different parts of the world and I started using forums, finding foreign friends with whom I could share and talk things in English. Although,it was rather difficult for me to have real communication without the aid of visual signs and body language in an online setting, after a while I started feeling comfortable. It is just a matter of getting accustomed. So I hope you will feel confident to use English in not only the class but any other environment, there nothing wrong if you do mistakes. In fact, it is the mistakes that we make that mostly help us develop our skills. Once you realize your mistake you tend to avoid doing the same mistake in the future.

    Lastly, I wish you good luck and lots of fun in France.


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