Wednesday, 30 January 2013

My life at the University of Tsukuba is massive by Miki K.

My life at the University of Tsukuba is massive. First, I’m a member of the orchestra of the University of Tsukuba. We hold a concert one time every half year and practice for it three times a week. I’m in charge of the count of the orchestra. It is hard to manage a lot of money. I’m almost always thinking about my work. However, the work I must do is very challenging. Second, I must do housework because I live away from home. About once every three days, I wash my clothes before I go to school. I like to hang out the washing on a sunny day. I like cooking too. I made a roast chicken last Christmas. Recently I often eat nattou tamago kake gohann. It is easy to make and very nice. Third, I sometimes enjoy get-together with my friends. In winter we sometimes hold a nabe party. It is very nice for me to make and eat nabe with friends. We celebrate the friend whose birthday is close to the day of the nabe party. We sing the birthday song and eat a birthday cake. I’m busy, but I enjoy my life at the University of Tsukuba very much.


  1. Hi, Miki.
    I'm Kanae.

    I think you have a alot of good friends.
    I want to participate in a nabe party!
    By the way, what kind of menu do you like the best?

    1. Hi, Kanae. Thank you for your comment.
      I like an omelet containing fried rice the best.
      It is difficult for me to make that beautifully.


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