Wednesday, 30 January 2013

My life at the University of Tsukuba is wonderful by Kanae M.

              My life at Tsukuba is wonderful for three reasons. First of all, I have a lot of good friends. I often talk with my friends of the Comparative culture in the students’ lounge. We talk about our homework, our hobbies, how to spend our holiday and so on. Last month, some of my female friends and I held a Christmas party. We were disguised as Santa Claus. Also we ate fried chicken and drunk weak liquors. I enjoyed the party very much. In this way I enjoy to have a good time with my friends. Second, the club activity is so exciting. I’m a member of the Tsukuba Sports Editorial Department. Our club publishes a sports newspaper five times a year. In order to write an article, I sometimes watch games and interview many athletes. Many athletes belong to Tsukuba University. So I’m looking forward to interviewing many athletes. Third, classes are very interesting for me. I belong to the department of Comparative culture and my major is American literature. So I read some American literature in the original to research. One day, the professor said “American literature includes not only novels, but also movies.” He introduced to me some famous Western films. By watching some movies, I get a new viewpoint to American literature. I’m also interested in feminism. I’m going to write a graduation thesis of the feminism in American literature. Since I entered Tsukuba University, I have found my interest. It is good to acquire new knowledge by attending classes. For these reasons stated above, I love my daily life at Tsukuba.


  1. Hello,Kanae.I held a X'mas party with my friends too. I would like to be interviewed my club by the Tsukuba Sports Editorial Department. I would like to be known my club many people.

  2. Hi,Kanae! I read your column. I like watching sports games.Especially,I love watching soccer game. What sports do you watch?

  3. Hello.
    Thank you for commenting my post!

    I want to meet many students of Tsukuba!
    What club do you belong to?
    Please tell me.


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