Wednesday, 30 January 2013

My life at the University of Tsukuba by Nanami

-->My life at the University of Tsukuba is uneventful. First, I major in psychology. I usually take classes in psychology. They are sometimes difficult for me, but always interesting. Second, I usually make lunch and dinner. I am poor at cooking, especially at cutting foods and seasoning, and I cannot make delicious dishes. I want to be good at cooking. Third, when I come home from school, I usually watch TV and YouTube, and just lie about. I usually watch music videos on YouTube. Another thing which I do at home is to drink hot drinks. I bought many teas and cocoas before, so I am happy that I can drink them. Fourth, on Tuesday and Friday, I have club activities. I teach kids and I talk with kids. I like kids very much, so it is very fun. Eating dinner with club members is also fun. Finally, about once a week, when I have spare time, I go to shopping centers by bicycle. I buy food, clothes, or CDs there. I also watch movies there. I usually go to Starbucks and drink coffee there. Selecting drinks which I have not drunk before is my latest pleasure. My life at the University of Tsukuba is uneventful, but I always enjoy it and I like it.


  1. Hi Nanami!
    I'm Yukie.
    I belong to Comparative Culture, but I interest in psychology.
    Your life is calm, I think it is very nice


    1. Hi, Yukie. Thank you for your comment.
      I'm glad to know that you interest in psychology!

  2. Hi, Nanami.

    I think you live a full life. How wonderful!
    I sometimes go to Starbucks, too.
    What is your most favorite beverages?


  3. Hi, Kanae. Thank you for your comment.
    My most favorite beverage is White Mocha. I think it is very delicious.


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