Wednesday, 28 May 2014

A lot of new experiences by Akari T

              My life at the University of Tsukuba is full of things that I have experienced for the first time. For example, I started to live alone. When I lived with my family, I didn’t have my own room. So, not only did I start to live alone but also I had my own room for the first time. Living alone is busy. I must do clothes washing, cooking and cleaning my room. I must even submit official report when I’m moving. In addition, I enjoy to study about information culture which I couldn’t study when I was a high school student. I wrote reports for the first time. Classes are sometimes more difficult than high school, but professors talk about what is interesting to me. My university friends also talk about what is interesting to me. My university friends have a strong personality, so talking with them brings me a new way of thinking. Furthermore I experienced the difference of food culture for the first time. I very surprised that Tonkotsu noodles are minor and udon with tempura of burdock is not eaten because I lived in Fukuoka until graduation from high school. In addition, I started to work part-time job. Earning money is hard, but it is a very big experience. For the reasons stated above, my life at the University of Tsukuba is filled with a lot of new experiences.


  1. Hello! I’m Ryo Isojima. Your description is so concrete that I can enjoy reading your paragraph! By the way, I have a question. What kind of part-time job do you work? ( business, education business) I will be glad if you tell me it.

  2. Hello,Ryo! Thnak you for your question.
    I worked Chinese restaurant. Working was busy, but it was fun.

  3. Thank you for your answer! Working at a Chinese restaurant seems to be fun.I wish you good luck!


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