Wednesday, 28 May 2014

My happy life in Tsukuba by Kana T.

              Last April, I came to Tsukuba. One year has passed since I came here to live. My life at the University of Tsukuba is very exciting. There are three reasons. First, getting new information is very interesting. We can study a lot of things and know something new. Since I was a junior high school student, I have liked to read Japanese classical literature. That’s why I came here to study it. Professors tell me what I didn’t know at all, so I am always surprised. For example, I attended classes about folklore, cultural anthropology and philosophy. At first, I wasn’t interested in those classes. However, I feel those studies are very interesting through the classes. Second, I live a full life by doing a club activity. I belong to a cheering party and cheer sports teams of the University of Tsukuba while playing the clarinet. We go to the games of many sports to cheer for players of our university. For example, we have been to the games of baseball, American football, lacrosse, basketball, soccer and so on. I enjoy playing the clarinet and watching games of many sports. Third, doing housework is delightful. I didn’t like doing housework until I lived by myself. I disliked cooking in particular. It was troublesome for me to do housework. One day, I baked a cake for my friend in celebration of her birthday. I had worried whether the cake had pleased her, but she was glad. I felt very happy at that time, and I got to like cooking. I also enjoy cooking with my friends and eating dishes at a home of one of our friends. Since I came to Tsukuba, I try to do something new. After this, I want to try many more things I have never experienced, because trying things I have never done is very exciting. 

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