Thursday, 20 December 2012

My self introduction by kokko.

Hello! My name is Kokko. My twitter's ID is Wizaard_Oz, because I like Wizard of Oz.
I was a member of the color guard at the time in elementary school. I was acting with the songs of The Wizard of Oz as Repertoire. So, The Wizard of Oz is a song that has very memories.
I am from Tokushima. Have you been to Tokushima? Tokushima is famous for the sudachi, and Awa Odori. The sudachi is a type of citrus, it can use cooking. Awa Odori is a kind of a Bon Festival dance.I belong to a the circle of people in Tokushima Prefecture. I have danced the Awa Odori in the circle during the Lantern festival. Students of the University of Tsukuba have dance performances along with the college students of Waseda University and Keio University and
Yokohama National University and the Central University and Tokyo University of Science.I also danced the Awa Odori festival at Tsukuba and at the Tokyo University of Science. I am going to participate on in the future because I love Tokushima. I belong to the College of Agrobiological Resource Sciences.I have been studying various other agricultural economy and agriculture and
environmental engineering and life chemistry there. I think I will do my best to study and to activate circle activities.


  1. Hello Kokko. I have enjoyed exchanging tweets with you.
    I have never been to Tokushima. Where exactly is it in Japan? Is it in Kansai?

  2. There is Tokushima in Shikoku of the Kansai districts.
    Tokushima is the very good place, so please come to play!

  3. You are the first friend from Tokushima for me!! lol
    Shikoku is one of the area where I want to go.
    Did you find any differences between Tsukuba and Tokushima?


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