Wednesday, 19 December 2012

About me by Hana

My name is Hana. I major in Nursing in the University of Tsukuba.

I started studying English when I was an elementary schoolchild. I studied English only at school, but I am taking the 3rd Grade exam for STEP (certification program offered by the Society for Testing English Proficiency).

This summer vacation, I went to CANADA to study English. I did not want to go to CANADA, because I had to stay with a family for 2 weeks. I am shy in front of strangers, but my mother said "You should go to CANADA!!" First I could not speak English well so I used gestures. When I was asked about my flight, I said "Well... My airplane so trembles... So... I was fearful" with gesture. I stayed in CANADA for 2 weeks. I felt it was too long for me, but it was too short to study English.
I could make a lot of friends. For example: Korean, American, Brazilian...and Japanese!! The English school I went to had many Japanese students. These 2 weeks was good English experience for me. Now, I still can not speak and write English well, nevertheless I stayed
in CANADA 2 weeks. I like English. I have motivation to study English.


  1. Hello, Hana. I'm Mitsuki, a student of U. Tsukuba, too.
    I see that was a great experience for you to go to Canada. That's good! I don't know what food is delicious in Canada. Did you eat something good? Please tell me about it.

  2. Hello Hana.
    I think you had a nice time in CANADA. I have motivation to study English too. I want to good at English.

  3. Hi,Hana.
    I envied your experience. When I went to Hawaii,I talked little about foreigners. The following opportunity,I tried to speak in English.

    What country have you been?


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