Wednesday, 19 December 2012

My self introduction by Honoka.

Hello, I'm Honoka.
I will introduce myself.
First, I will tell you about my hometown and my family. I was born in Ishioka City in Ibaraki prefecture. Ishioka is close to Tsukuba and Tsutiura. Now, I live in Ishioka with my family. I live with my mother, father, grandmother, grandfather, two little sisters and my dog. I also have a little brother, but he lives in Kanagawa prefecture by himself.
Next, I would like to tell you about my school life. I go to school by car every day because I don't live in Tsukuba. I got my driver's license in November last year. After classes, I usually return to my home or go to my part-time job since I don't belong to any circle. I work at a convenience store.
Finally, I will explain one of my hobbies. I like handicrafts very much. I enjoy decorating my cell phone and making stuffed toy animals.


  1. Hi, Honoka!!
    You have a big family!! It seems so much fun!!
    Are you a good sister of your brother and sisters? :)
    I was surprised to know that your brother lives in Kanagawa now, because my hometown is in Kanagawa.
    Is the part-time job in your convenience store a hard work? How often do you work?
    I envy you because you have a good sense of decoration and must have a girl's skill!!

  2. Hi!
    I'm ryo.

    You have big family! Especially, It is splendid that a grandmother and a grandfather are in good health.

    I also work at a convenience store too.
    Which convenience store do you work at?

  3. How do you do?
    I have a friend lives in ishioka. Do you know any other people who commute to tsukuba from ishioka?

  4. Hi, Honoka.
    How many hours does it takes to University of Tsukuba?
    I went to the university by trains three months ago, and it took 2 hours!
    I was tired to go to school.

    I want to see your cell phone !
    Please decoration my cell phone too!

  5. your hobby sounds interesting. I'd like to see your handcrafts. what are stuffed toy animals made of?

  6. thanks for your comments!

    to yuka
    If there is a chance, I'd like to post the photos of my works on this blog.

    to kaba
    It takes about 40 minutes by car.
    but,when I have first lecture of the day, it takes over 1 hour because of heavy traffic jam.

    to ryo
    I work at a convenience store in Tsutiura.

    to ma
    some of my classmates of high school who live in ishioka are students of university of tsukuba.

    to megumi
    I hope so...

    I work at the convenience store 3times a week.
    the store manager seldom come to the store, so, the work is very easy.


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