Friday, 21 December 2012

About me by Kohe

My name is Kohe. I have studied English since junior high school.  I’m not good at English. Last year, my English class was C2. , It especially is difficult to talk and write in English. I can’t catch what a person says and can’t express my idea in English. I don't have much vocabulary. I don’t have any confidence in spelling and grammar, so I can’t write good sentences. I write poor sentences. My reading is so-so. I forget my score, but the TOEFL score is average among sophomores majoring in agricultural resources.
My hometown is located along the sea. I’m sad, I can’t see and feel the sea in Tsukuba. 
I like sports. Recently I play baseball, badminton, softball and basketball, but I belonged to table tennis club from junior high school to high school, so I want to play table tennis once in a while.

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  1. Hi Kohe. I like the sea very much too. Where is your home town?


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