Thursday, 20 December 2012

Self-introduction by Nan

My name is Nan. I am Chinese. I came to Japan in 2010, soon after I graduated from high school. When I was in Junior 3, I started to learn Japanese, because I was fond of Japanese animation at that time. After entering high school, I realized that the problem of food in China is serious, so I decided to continue my university life in Japan to learn something about food.

There was a TV program which taught children English in China. I started my English learning by following that TV program when I was six. I began to study English seriously in my primary school. I took the TOFEL-IBT test in senior 3 just before I came to Japan, and got 82 points. I also took part in the TOFEL-ITP last year, and got 530 this time.

My hobby is reading books,especially novels.I think I can study a lot from books.


  1. Hi,Nan! I'm Mitsuki.
    I read you like Japanese animation, but don't you like Japanese comics?
    I like "Naruto" , "Vagavond", and so on. What comics do you like?

  2. I'm interested in your reason why you came to Japan.
    Are there any universities that students can study food and agriculture in China? Can you tell me some differences between agricultural major in China and Japan?
    What kind of animation do you like? :)


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