Sunday, 1 June 2014

The Day that I would not like to Remember

                               The Day that I would not like to Remember
               I have a bad experience with a marathon and an injection. It
was on the day that I had a test of physical strength and a medical

 checkup. First of all, long distance running is one of the worst things that

 I hate in the world. Certainly, it is one of the reasons that I am primarily

 poor at any sports, but I am confident that it is also comes from the

 experience of the day. The day when I was an elementary school student,

 in our physical education class, our teacher made us run 10 laps of the

 track, and we could not pass the running if we gave up halfway. I was

 very sad but I struggled to complete the running. There were no problems

 for several laps. Suddenly, I wanted to go to a lavatory. It was really

 painful for me after that. Unfortunately, I am not only obstinate but also

optimistic. So I did not think to stop running. Then I did not understand

how serious my condition was. I finished running 10 laps, and rushed to

 a lavatory as soon as I could. I really did my best, but it was too late.

Please guess what happened after that. The only saving grace is that

 nobody knows that except our school nurse. And what was worse, there

 was another bad thing in the same day. Next, we had to have a

 medical check. I hate every kind of an injection as the second worst in the

 world, but we had to have a blood sample taken.  Maybe because I was so

nervous that I got stiff in my arms, the doctor failed to stick the needle in

 my arm. In the end, I got an injection needle twice in my left arm and got

 one once in my right arm. I think it was natural for child that I cried in

 front of other students. Since then, I have hated the two things seriously.

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