Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Using nuclear power to solve a energy crisis by Kensuke H

 I am against using nuclear power to solve the energy crisis. First of

all, using nuclear power is very dangerous. Nuclear power generation may leak

radiation from a nuclear power plant and have a bad effect on people’s bodies and

lives by accidents. In fact, due to “The Great East Japan Disaster” on March 11,

2011, radiation leaked from the nuclear power plant in Fukushima and had a bad 

effect on people’s bodies. There were some people who were dead because they

were exposed to radiation. As for life, those who lived near the nuclear power
plant in Fukushima were forced to take refuge all over Japan. As for the

agricultural product produced in the contaminated area, sale became impossible
for a while. Second, there are some alternative ways of energy generation instead

of using nuclear power such as wind power generation, solar power generation and
so on. These methods don’t exhaust toxic substances and they are a eco-friendly

way. Nowadays, they are used positively all over the world and some countries in
Europe, especially, declared that they would stop using nuclear power and

promotes using recyclable energy. Japan also promote using recyclable energies,

but the percentage of its is still low. I think that Japan should use geothermal

power because Japan has a lot of volcanos. New Zealand and Iceland, which is

famous as volcanic country, use geothermal power positively. Third, uranium,

which is the raw materials of nuclear power generation, is the limited material. It

means that the time we cannot use nuclear power will come. Therefore, as

mentioned above, we should use recyclable energy which can be used

semipermanently. For these reasons, I am against using nuclear power to solve the

energy crisis.

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