Wednesday, 4 June 2014

My worst experience by Akari T

              My worst experience of my life is being involved in a traffic accident on December 14, 2012. Many bad things happened from the day before the traffic accident. First, I overslept in the morning of the day before the traffic accident. Next, students who go to the school by bicycle had to listen to a teacher talking at lunch time. The teacher said, “The traffic accidents are increasing recently. You must be careful.” I thought it doesn't concern me. I was angry because the teacher’s talk was so long that I couldn’t eat lunch. It was rainy and windy on the day I had the accident. I wore a raincoat and went to the school by bicycle. It was hard for me. When I came back home, I thought “I must be careful.” This thought was useless because I had the accident a few minutes after. I went down a hill on a bicycle. A car turned into me at a corner. So I put on my bicycle’s brake but I couldn’t avoid hitting because rain prevented my bicycle from stopping there. I don’t remember the moment I hit the car clearly, but my friend who saw the accident by chance said to me “It looked as if your body floated a moment.” Somehow I didn’t feel pain. So, I thought that this accident was a not big matter and that teachers could scold me because I had the accident the next day the teacher said “you must be careful.” Probably, this accident influenced me. My bicycle was broken and my left leg was injured when the car hit. Especially, my left leg had very little hole. So I couldn’t study for a long time because of treatment though I would sit for first-stage common exam one month after. Somehow I passed the exam, but I want never to have an accident. That’s my worst experience.


  1. Hi, I'm Chiemi.
    Your essay was very easy to understand.
    It's too bad that you were seriously injured just before a test. In fact, I also had a bicycle accident last week. Accidents are really frightening.

  2. Hello, Akari.
    I'm Ayumi. your essay is shoking!
    I have never had such a big accident, but there are many people who have been injured by car accidents. I think I have to be careful when I drive a car...


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