Saturday, 7 June 2014

My worst experience on Tuesday in last spring by Satomi S

   It was the day of the last class on Tuesday last Spring Semester. It was the eve of the summer vacation. First, I was out of my house slowly in the afternoon because there was only excavation class in sixth period that day. I was very excited about the excavation. However, when I headed to the station, the train had stopped for two hours already. I made a blunder that I did not check the train delays news. Then I madly contacted my teacher by e-mail while waiting for the train to begin to move. The teacher replied that it was okay to be late. Finally, the train began to move after waiting two hours but the train has stopped again at the second station. There were seven remaining stations. If I could get off the train, I had to take the bus to go to the university, where it takes forty minute further by bus from the station. I had wanted to go to the university even if the class was over but thought I could not come back if I continued to ride on the train. Furthermore, then I got e-mail from my teacher saying that it was better to go back home by way as a precaution. So I turned back reluctantly. I wanted to cry on my way home. I went home, but then I found that I had forgotten to get the train delay certificate. So I went to the station again to get it. In the end, the train was still delayed and the train schedule had been messed up all day. After getting the train delay certificate and arriving back home again, that day I ended up sitting idly in my chair in my room and did nothing because I was very sad. It was the day that means nothing to me because I could not attend the class, I was most looking forward to, even after waiting for two hours with much effort. I do not want to repeat again my terrible experience like that.

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