Thursday, 26 June 2014

Using animals in laboratory experiment are necessary by Shun T

 I agree with using animals in laboratory experiment. Many people would oppose my opinion because of animal rights, love for animals, and others. But I think these opinions are contradict. First of all, our society needs medicines and biotechnology. If we cannot use animals for medical experiment, we must use human in laboratory experiments if we want to develop our medical and biotechnology. But we must not do these experiments. Conversely we use animals in laboratory experiment in order not to use human for this. So if we wish to benefit from medical and biotechnology, there is no other way than using animals in laboratory experiment.  Second reason is, if we should not use animals in laboratory experiment, we should not eat animals. Certainly, killing animals is cruel, but we have to do so because we cannot help but live without eating any food. Finally, if we should not use animals in laboratory experiment, I think we cannot use leather bags. We must use many consume products and these are essential for our life. For example, I use leather gloves and leather balls for baseball. I cannot think I must not use gloves balls. And in the shopping mall I see many leather bags in bag shops. These are seemed selfishness, but we use many these products and these benefit us. So we cannot live without these substances. Of course I hope using animals in laboratory experiment should be as little as possible. But medicine, food, biotechnology are essential for our society. So we have to use animals in laboratory experiment. 

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