Wednesday, 18 June 2014

My worst expeerience in Tsukuba by Rintaro M

The worst experience in my life at Tsukuba happened last summer. It was in the middle of July and I practiced basketball at the Tsukuba Basketball Society. Because it was a cool day and was suitable for playing basketball, our five on five games got heated. First I marked Mr. Okinaka, who had been chosen as a player in the All-Kumamoto Prefecture team on the National Sports Festival and who played basketball much better than me. When he tried to penetrate to my goal, I could barely follow him. Next he jumped toward my goal to score so I also jumped to block his shot. Then we crashed hard in the air, of course it was my foul, but regardless of my foul, his shot passed through my goal, or he made basket count one throw! To make matters worse, when I landed, I seriously twisted my left ankle. I felt great pain, and I fell down. Due to the great pain, I couldn’t walk, not even stand up by myself. I was really ashamed that I was made basket count one throw by Mr.Okinaka,  despite my rough foul. Finally it took two month to recover from my sprain. Because of that, I couldn’t play basketball all summer vacation, and couldn’t participate in the training camp of the basketball society. Moreover I couldn’t swim in the sea, couldn’t climb mountains and couldn’t make a long trip in Japan. In brief I couldn’t carry out most of what I wanted to do during my summer vacation. My summer vacation became ruined owing to my stupid act. As I have said, last summer I had the worst experience in my life at Tsukuba.

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