Monday, 23 June 2014

Mothers with small children should not work outside the house by Takumi, O.

In my opinion, mothers with small children should not work out of the house. I have three reasons. First, mothers should teach their children manners while their children are small. Small children often obey their parents if their mothers scold severely, but if children become old, they often talk back to their mothers. In addition one of my friends I can rely on was told me that he would be subject to strict discipline by his mother when he was very small, but it urged his emotional growth, so the disciplining of children should be done when children are small. Second, the periods where mothers can be with their children are the longest time in their lives when children are very small. As children become old, they go to their school, and mothers cannot be with them. When children are students, they prefer playing with their school friends to playing with their mothers. My mother did not work out of the house when I was small, and I remember that I often played with her. It was the very important memory for me. I think the memory that playing with their own mothers is precious for children. Finally, it is very dangerous for children to be alone in the house while their mothers work out of the house. Children cannot cook and take care of themselves. They also cannot use air conditioners well, and they cannot change temperature even if the indoor temperature is too cold or too hot. In addition, if a thief breaks into a house, children cannot do anything, and are exposed to danger. It is true that mothers can employ a baby-sitter, but it costs money and it is difficult to find a good baby-sitter we can rely on. These days, the incident that a baby-sitter killed children is happened, so it is the best way that mothers take care of their children. For those reasons, I think mothers with small children should not work out of the house.

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