Sunday, 1 June 2014

My worst memory of losing important things by Narumi Y

I was unlucky April last year. I had just moved to Tsukuba from my hometown. First, when I went shopping, I lost my Walkman somewhere in Tsukuba, which I did not know well. I was extremely upset because I had bought me the Walkman as a present for passing an entrance examination. I spent 9,000 yen or more on it, of course paid out of my own pocket. I worked as a part timer for a year before entering the University of Tsukuba, so it is not only a memorial thing, but also a reward for working. Next, I was about to study in my English class. Then, I noticed that I did not have my electronic dictionary. I lost it before I knew it. Because I had used the electronic dictionary in my high school days, I was attached to it, but I lost it at the central library maybe. An electronic dictionary is usually expensive. I was in no mood to buy the same thing again. I checked my bag many times, and I noticed my dangle-dolly shaped white bear that my friend gave me as a birthday present had gone somewhere. It was extremely upset to me. Of course, the Walkman and the electronic dictionary were very important, but I bought them myself. I could buy them again. On the other hand, the white bear dangle-dolly was a present from my friend. It was more special and only one thing. Anyway, I very hard searched for three things. I checked the lost things information at website of the University of Tsukuba and I went searching there. I even called the police. Although I did my best, all of them were not found. I was at a loss. I lost three important things maybe because of the busyness of my new life. That is my worst memory that have made me sad until now.

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