Monday, 2 June 2014

My worst experience by Toru M

              My worst accident in my life occurred in May 2011.  In That month we had a terrible disaster. You know, people in Touhoku are so damaged. Many people in Kantou also weren’t able to get home in the end of the day because all transportations stopped. I was at my high school and enjoyed club activity at that time. I wasn’t able to get home after that too because my school is in Saitama, in Kantou, and I commuted by trains. I managed to arrive at my grandmother’s house near my home town by bus. I slept in the house that night because I arrived there in midnight and long ride in jam-packed bus made me so tired. Next day, I woke up in high spirits but suddenly feel terrible pain in my eyes. I wasn’t open my eyes. My pillow was dirty with much eye mucus. I was in a panic. Then after some hours my father came to grandmother’s house for me. I told my pain to my father and he took me to eye’s doctor. I was just lucky that I found a hospital open in that disordered circumstance. The doctor said may eyes have some kind of injury on the cornea. I always put in contact lenses in my school, handball, and I slept with those in my eyes that night. I didn’t have my glasses just happened at the time and my contact lenses were disposable one at every day’s end. I thought I wouldn’t be able to arrive at my home without contact lenses next day. As a result, my eyes were injured so much and take a week for complete recovery. I can say I didn’t experience something damage from the disaster but I had injury indirectly.

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  1. You met with a misfortune, I think that recovering your eyes is happy.


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