Thursday, 12 June 2014

Assignment4 Death Penalty

I support the execution of death penalty as one of the legal punishments the nation offers. The arguments proposed by anti-capital punishment advocates can be arranged generally into three types, according to their contents. One is that because there is a possibility of false accusation, it is too dangerous to apply the death penalty in some cases. I disagree to this opinion. Given the fact that false accusations could occur in any level of crime cases, we cannot simply abolish just the death penalty. There is also the problem of not being able to punish crimes committed in the presence of a policeman. The second argument they propose, is that we should not take one’s life away arbitrarily, and penalties that take away these lives should be abolished, because they are inhumane. I disagree to this opinion too. According to them, taking away one’s life means rejecting and taking away one’s precious life-history. If so however, we would then also have to consider of abolishing imprisonment, because imprisonment, although it does not kill the criminal, too takes away their precious crystallized time called their life-history. If we abolish imprisonment, then that would be what we call, a double standard, which is a situation that we must avoid. The third argument they propose, is that criminals too have human rights, and they too shall not be deprived of the right. However this too is a contradictory opinion. With liberty being an exception, all of the rights and freedoms we now have are granted and secured by the nation in which we live in. Criminals are people who chose to give up these rights from themselves, so the nation too has the right to abandon the granting of these rights to them. For the reasons above, I see no problem of using death penalty as one of the possible punishments for criminals.

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