Monday, 2 June 2014

My worst experience by Miharu O

When I was a student third grade junior high school, I had one of my worst experiences. At the time, I was a member of the brass band club of the school and leader of the percussion part, and it was the day of the district qualifying at my last contest. The day the other members of the percussion part and I were so busy because we had to carry a lot of instruments to the venue. Since we were too busy, no one had noticed that one small but important instrument, which we call claves, was not there. I should have seen whether there were all instruments or not in the next of stage, however I was too nervous and forgot it. After all, we did not notice that the instrument was not there until the music started. Because of that, playing was a big failure and of course we could not play in the prefectural contest. Though other members of the club said that not to worry about it, I was frustrating and felt sorry for the other members because what we had been practicing for months was wasted in the only one failure.


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  2. Hello, Miharu! My name is Takumi. I think your essay is very good because I can understand it easily. I have a question. How do you use claves in a contest?


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