Wednesday, 11 June 2014

My student life in Tsukuba by Chikako U

     I enjoy my student life in Tsukuba. I have many friends and ofen hang out with them. I like to talk with them in spare time. They came from many different prefectures, and their tales are so funny. They sometimes bring a souvenir from their hometowns. I like painting, so I belong to a painting circle and I represent it. I paint a picture in water-colors, and thach how to use watercolors to the new students in April. The members of the only good persons. I'm planning a trip with them in September and I'm choosing the destination now. A meeting of the circle is held every Thursday. I usually have time before it so I go to Starbucks coffee and have a break. I major in philosophy. Every Tuesday, I take a lecture about philosophy and discuss questions. The discussion is very difficult and complicated, but it's interesting for me. When I was in high school, I didn't think about difficult things. So it is new for me to think about complicated things. After thinking about difficult things, I get so tired but I can learn many new things. I think that it is very good that I can enter this university.

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