Wednesday, 27 February 2013

My Worst Experience by Kanae

              The worst experience of my life happened when I was seventeen years old. In our high school, a school excursion is held every year. We were going to visit Guam and stay four days in October 2009. The activities in Guam were visiting historical buildings and places, talking with students in Guam, doing beach activities and so on. We were looking forward to going to Guam. That summer, a lot of people in Japan caught a new type flu. Some of our high school students also caught it. A week before our trip, I stayed home and I had lunch. A few hours later, I felt sluggish and I was running a fever of 39 degrees! My mother said “you maybe catch the flu. You should see a doctor as soon as possible!” After a medical examination, it turned out that I had caught the new type flu. Then I didn’t know whether I could go to Guam or not. Luckily, my fever fell by taking medicine. I could go to Guam with my friends and teachers. I had a nice time in Guam. While I had the flu, it was so hard for me to wake up because I had a high fever and pains. This was my worst experience.

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  1. Hi, Kanae!
    That was too bad;(
    But, you enjoyed Guam! Sounds good:)

    Shall we go to Guam?


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