Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Ancients in Egypt by Yohei

              Pyramids are one of the most famous structures in the world. They are tombs of their kings in ancient Egypt. In my opinion, the Ancients in Egypt had advanced architectural skills. There are two main reasons for this. First, pyramids have existed for about 4500 years in Egypt which has its terrible climate. Second, pyramids were constructed by human power.
              First, pyramids still exist in Egypt. The pyramids were built in a desert which has a big difference between the high temperatures and the low temperatures. The pyramids were damage by this difference. Although the surfaces of the pyramids were damaged, the pyramids didn’t collapse. Sometimes, sandstorms rise in deserts. The pyramids withstand it.
              Second, pyramids were made by human power. The ancients in Egypt constructed without tools which we use in the present. They didn’t use iron. Iron was used by future generations. They piled stones by hands. It is very hard to pile stone exactly by hand. The ancients in Egypt needed advanced architectural skills in order to have piled stones exactly.
              To conclude, the ancients in Egypt had advanced architecture skills. The pyramids have existed for about 4500 years. No structures are so old in Japan. Because of advanced architecture skills, the ancients in Egypt were able to do it.  According to Japanese company ,Obayashi,  maintained that constructing pyramids cost one hundred and twenty five billion yen with skills in the present time.

Japanese company Obayashi (n.d.). kuhuou gata dai piramiddo kensetsu no kokoromi. Try to plan constructing great pyramid of type Khufu. Retrieved February 13, 2013 from Japanese company Obayashi web site:

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