Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Insufficiency of the nurse By Hana

              The problem of insufficiency of nurse has many causes. It is seemed to be difficult to solve. In my opinion, the Japanese government ought to give nurses wages which are to their work. There are two main reasons. First, now nurse’s wages are too low for their hard work. Second, low wages make nurses tired and are a cause of resigning because over work and low wages.
Nurse’s wages is high compared with other job, but the work of nursing is so hard more than many people think. So these things give us one thinking that the wage for nurse is too low in spite of such a hard work. In view of the fact of most nurses think that their wages are not good enough to their work.
              Second, many nurses resign because over work and low wages. Furthermore, the longer they work in the hospital, the harder they must work and newcomer are easy to resign because clinical work is too harder than they imagine. In fact, the work of nurse is severe. Their working hour is not made in consideration the life rhythm of nurses. Sometimes nurses wake up in the evening and go to bed in the early morning. Such a life makes them exhausted. Most of nurses must go to work though they are so tired.
              To conclude, the Japanese government produce many nurses resign and low wages make insufficiency of nurse. They must raise nurse’s wage and prevent insufficiency of nurse. If we can insufficiency of nurse, we can get full medical treatment. Now, Japanese society is tending to an aging society so service of medical treatment will be important in the future. This is big problem so we need to solve this problem quickly.

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