Thursday, 21 February 2013

Electronic books will not common in Japan by Taisei

Today, many paper books are being digitalized. These books are called “electronic books” or “e-books”. E-books are very good item (convenient, inexpensive, and so on). It’s a future item, but I think e-books will not common in Japanese society. I have two reasons for this argument. First, Japanese book’s type is very special. Second, Japanese e-books situation is not good.
The first reason is Japanese books type is very special. In Japan, books are inexpensive and light compared with American books. In America, people consider books are big and heavy. So e-book’s thinness and lightness must have had strong impact for them. On the other hand, Japanese people did not feel such a strong impact about e-book, and they are not interested in one.
The second reason is the Japanese e-book situation is not good. In Japan, e-books have a lot of platform and their standard model is not unified. It will be necessary to unify form as soon as possible in order to spread e-books in Japan. In Japan, unlike the United States, paper books are obtained simply, because bookstores are located all over the place.
For these reason, I think that e-books will not common in Japanese society. It is certain that e-books are convenient, but they are not fit Japanese book’s society. At most, popularity will be gained in the field of a thesis only. The fact is that e-book’s sales in Japan are not good now. To spread e-books in Japan, we will change and create new e-book’s form. E-books will not common in Japanese society useless as at now.


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