Tuesday, 12 February 2013

My life in Tsukuba by Chikako

      My life in Tsukuba started when I entered the University of Tsukuba. My life at the University of Tsukuba is so good. There are two reasons. First, my house is near to the university. I go to school by bicycle on weekdays. I always use my bicycle when I move around the campus. There are restaurants, convenience stores and supermarkets where I buy groceries and commodities near the university. I can go there by bicycle and it does not take so much time. My life in Tsukuba is very convenient and comfortable. Many friends live near the university as I do. Sometimes, I go to my friend’s house and we talk about various things until the middle of the night. I often go to my favorite restaurant near the university to eat dinner with my friends after my club activity. I like the time very much. Second, Tsukuba City, especially the campus has a rich natural environment. My favorite season in Tsukuba is spring. The green leaves are very beautiful. There are trees all along the road around the campus. When I see the green, I feel myself relaxing. I like to see the cycle of the seasons from nature in the campus. We can see many kinds of plants and animals each season. I like my life in Tsukuba very much.


  1. I introduced Donabe in my house, so let's hold a nabe party with 5th class!


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